Chris Motes

     CCKM is an affordable, low-key and practical training environment in which to study Krav Maga. It's family friendly, but doesn't sugar coat the training. They instruct their students in what matters most. Key points of training focus are efficiency of movement, situational awareness and the minimum force to be applied in reaction to a threat. It's not about being stronger or tougher, bullying or intimidation. It's about being more aware and smarter than your attacker, ending a potential threat as quickly as possible and moving on.

Christine Rose

     I highly recommend taking the opportunity to try a Krav Maga class at Chester County Martial Arts and Krav Maga. In each class, you'll learn effective self-defense, improve your athletic ability, and increase your confidence. If you try it once, you'll love it so much you'll sign up for more.

Two years ago, members and instructors at Chester County Martial Arts advocated for me to take Krav Maga for self-defense, even though I was moving out of PA and wouldn't be able to take classes at their school. They inspired me to sign up at a martial arts gym near me, so I've been taking classes in Krav Maga at Dragon Within Martial Arts, the #1 martial arts gym in the Boston North Shore, where I've been studying for a year and a half.

Scott Silberman

     In the past I tried other styles of martial arts. I was never into the choreographed forms and impractical movements so nothing lasted more than a few months. Krav Maga is a practical style of personal defense without all of the bs that isn't useful in real life situations. I'd always wanted to take krav and was psyched to find a school so close to home. Krav Maga teaches you to use your natural instincts in conflict avoidance and to quickly end a confrontation with swift easy to learn and remember defenses and offenses that can leave a bad guy wishing he picked on someone else. Chester county krav Maga has a great atmosphere with good easy going people and the instructors are all excellent. Prices are very reasonable and all ages can benefit from the classes.

Rik Grier

     Great place to train with great people. Walked in on the first free class and felt welcomed immediately. There is a wealth of knowledge in this school so if you are a beginner (like I was) or a veteran, there is plenty to learn.

David J. Dabrow

     There are a lot of reasons to recommend this school, great instructors, great people,awesome work out and it's just a lot of fun.But to me the most beneficial aspect of training here is that you and those around you will lead safer lives as a result of what you will learn here.

Bryon Hundley

     Be advised there are two reviews here, the first is the adult class and the second the children class. 

*Adult Class*
I've been to a few martial arts schools and law enforcement related training over my lifetime both in the US and abroad. CCKM is one of the best schools that I've trained at. The training is realistic and based on real risks and high probability violence. If you've studied other combative arts they encourage it and will provide improvement tips to improve the "heat of violence" response. For example certain knife techniques that I was accustomed to using while wearing ballistic armor though effective came with risks when applied without it. These risks were pointed out and I was given instruction on how to apply other techniques without changing the dynamics of the initial technique.